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UK: More Self-Employed People Than Ever

According to the¬†Office for National Statistics(ONS), the UK’s self-employment is at a 40 year high.

As per the new ONS numbers, today there are 4.6m people in the UK who work for themselves, which is 15% of the total number of employed.

Back in 2008, this number was slightly lower with 13% self-employed in the UK. On the other hand, the average income of self-employed workers had gone down a whopping 22%.

The ONS study also revealed that 1.1m extra people have found employment in the past six years. About two thirds of those people consider themselves as self-employed.

For some experts, the high number of self employed in the UK is a positive sign while others consider it the result of a still weak economy with people forced into “self-employment” due to a lack of jobs.


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